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Alpine – Speakers


With an array of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers at your disposal, get the ultimate upgrade for your truck’s audio capabilities. Alpine speakers offer an incredibly accurate sound that immerses you the way the artist meant you to hear it. Crisp, clear, and vivid acoustics pumping from durable weather-proof encasing will sustain your enjoyment.


Tried, tested, and true, the Alpine R-Series system has only gotten better over time. With a line-up theat’s capable of achieving High-Resolutin Playback, without compromising the “loud and Fun” performance of its heritage, R-Series proves that legends never die.



With a frequenc response up to 40 kHz, the R-Series speakers achieve High-Resolution playback and an impressive offering of fitment options.

R2-S653 - Pro 3-Way Componet Speaker Set - $599.95
R2-S652 - Pro 2-Way Componet Speaker Set- $399.95
R2-S69C - 6x9 Componet Speaker Set - $379.95
R2-S69 - 6x9 Coaxial Speaker Set - $329.95
R2-S65C - 6.5" Componet Speaker Set - $349.95
R2-S65 - 6.5" Coaxial Speaker Set - $269.95

ALPINE S SERIES - Entry-Level Performance

Meet the new benchmark for entry-level quality. The Alpine S-Series is the perfect marriage of sound quality and performance value. With High-Resolution Playbaack previously exclusive to hight-tier systems, S-Series will set the tone during the drive.

ALPINE S-Series Speakers

Entry level just got elevated. With a frequency responce up to 40kHz, S-Series speakers achieve High-Resolution playback for a new standard in sound upgrades.

S2-S80C - 8" Componet Speaker set $199.95
S2-S69C - 6X9 Componet Speaker Set $199.95
S2-S65C - 6.5 Componet Speaker Set $149.95
S2-S40C - 4" Componet Speaker Set $129.95
S-S10TW - 1" Silk Dome Tweeter $89.95
S2-S69 - 6X9 Coaxial Speaker Set $139.95
S2-S68 - 6X8 Coaxial Speaker Set $129.95
S2-S65 - 6.5" Coaxial Speaker Set $129.95
S2-S50 - 5" Coaxial Speaker Set $109.95
S2-S40 - 4" Coaxial Speaker Set $89.95

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