Racing Stripes

Transform the look of your vehicle with our high-quality racing stripes. Our expert team will ensure a precise installation that enhances the sporty and dynamic appeal of your car or truck.

Racing Stripes Process

DIY racing stripes? We take it up a notch. At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, we turn a simple application into a professional masterpiece. Trust us for precision, expertise, and mastery, ensuring your racing stripes make a statement on the road. It’s not just about application; it’s about crafting perfection.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Prep Excellence

Our experts kick off the process by ensuring the vehicle surface is spotless and free from impurities, wax, or debris.

Masterful Stripe Layout

We strategically plan and lay out the Racing Stripes with precision and expertise, considering each vehicle’s unique dimensions and features.

Top-Tier Material Application

Employing only premium racing stripe material, we skillfully apply it, ensuring a uniform and smooth coverage, paying meticulous attention to perfect alignment.

Squeegee Mastery

Our experienced technicians use a squeegee to eliminate air bubbles expertly, guaranteeing a flawless adhesion of the racing stripes for a sleek and professional finish.

Trimming Artistry

Using our keen eye for detail, we trim any excess material with exacting precision, following the natural contours and edges of the vehicle for a polished appearance.

Heat Activation

Applying just the right amount of heat, we activate the adhesive properties of the racing stripes, ensuring optimal adherence and durability.

Final Inspection

 we declare the job done, our thorough inspection ensures that the Racing Stripes are flawlessly applied, meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations for a visually stunning enhancement.

Racing Stripes Gallery​

Browse through our stunning collection of racing stripes images.

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Racing Stripes
Mustang Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes Catalog

Enhance Your Vehicle's Look​

Transform your car with stylish racing stripes today!

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