Powerful Subwoofers​

Experience the ultimate audio experience with our range of high-quality subwoofers. Designed to deliver deep, impactful bass and crystal-clear sound, our subwoofers will enhance your car audio system and take your music to the next level.

Experience deep, immersive bass with Alpine Car Audio subwoofers.​

Alpine Car Audio subwoofers deliver superior bass performance and exceptional durability. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a car audio professional, these subwoofers are designed to elevate your listening experience.

Alpine Audio

Clean, Deep Bass with Alpine's Subwoofers

With an array of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers at your disposal, get the ultimate upgrade for your truck’s audio capabilities. Alpine speakers offer an incredibly accurate sound that immerses you the way the artist meant you to hear it. Crisp, clear, and vivid acoustics pumping from durable weather-proof encasing will sustain your enjoyment.

R Series Subwoofers

New design, same deep and clean bass. The R-Series subwoofers utilize Alpine-exclusive H.A.M.R. technology for maximum output.

S Series Subwoofers

Lightweight yet sturdy, Series subwoofers provide extra punch yet maintain a clean reliable sound for non-stop play.

Explore a Wide Range of Premium Subwoofer Brands for Custom Audio Systems​

At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, we offer a diverse selection of premium subwoofer brands to enhance your audio system. Whether you’re looking for deep bass or precise sound reproduction, we have the perfect subwoofer for your needs.

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Powerful Bass for Immersive Audio Experience

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Customize Your Sound with High-Quality Subwoofers

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Enhance Your Car’s Audio Performance with Premium Subwoofers

Alpine Audio Subwoofers

Enhance Your Car's Audio Experience​

Enhancing your car’s audio experience is a great way to make your daily commutes or long road trips more enjoyable, and there are many ways to achieve this, such as upgrading the speakers, adding a subwoofer, installing a new head unit, or even soundproofing your vehicle.

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