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Kenwood Car Audio

Toss that old factory radio with its lackluster feature set, limited frequency range, and weak sounding stock speakers. Why settle for the annoyance of a weak factory system when you can experience the clear & vibrant sound quality of a new Kenwood car stereo in your car?

Let the experts at Autohaus Automotive help guide your selection of the perfect new car audio system from Kenwood!

If you think about car audio companies that you know and trust, Kenwood is certainly at the top of the list. They offer a full range of products from car audio components to headphones, which makes them a turnkey solution for premium sound. Kenwood equipment is easy to use, has a great aesthetic appearance, and offers the finest quality when it comes to car audio.

Kenwood is more than just a great sound option– this brand offers a full infotainment experience. Powered by Garmin, their navigation systems for cars work well everywhere in the United States. It’s even easier to enjoy the music when you know you’re on the right course. Stop relying on your phone while you drive, and count on Kenwood’s large dashboard-mounted screens to get you where you need to go.

Kenwood is one of the first brands people look to for car audio upgrades, and with good reason. They offer advanced, durable, and affordable car audio equipment. Kenwood upgrades are right for discerning customers who want to get the best value for their money. Say goodbye to the outdated or underwhelming car stereo equipment that came with your vehicle, and welcome a new era of superb music on the go. Contact Autohaus Automotive Solutions for an economical audiophile experience in your car.

Kenwood Multi Media Receivers

Kenwood Car Audio


GPS Navigation System
10.1” Navigation Multimedia Receiver
Kenwood Car Audio


Dual Din Sized CD Receiver
with Bluetooth & HD Radio



Kenwood has earned their popularity by making speakers that fit in any car and work with any budget. Customers trust the Kenwood brand to replace blown out factory speakers or make essential upgrades. Audio performance reaches the next level thanks to the long-lasting car speakers from this manufacturer.

Kenwood’s XR-Series speakers feature a huge cone, packed into a frame that will still fit into the factory openings of many Dodge, GM, and Toyota vehicles (some cars may require slight modifications). A bigger cone moves more air, so your music can have the fullness and punch you don’t get with most factory speakers. The advanced hybrid pulp cone stays rigid through heavy workouts to cut down on distortion and keep your bass sounding tight. The rubber surround resists weathering, providing reliable support that keeps your music playing, no matter what.

Kenwood Car Audio
Kenwood Car Audio



The Kenwood XW Shallow subwoofer produces serious bass output in the hard-to-fit areas of your car or truck. And this shallow-mount sub measures less than 4″ deep, so you can get creative with your installation.

If you’re all about that bass, the Kenwood line of subwoofers has what you need. The diversity of dimensions makes it possible to fit a Kenwood subwoofer into any car, and the richness of sound will leave you shaking. Including a subwoofer, to your cars, audio outfit gives your sound system the extra oomph it needs.




Car amps have come a long way. Kenwood’s XR-Series amplifier can power your entire audio system while taking up an astonishingly small amount of space — it’s about the size of a piece of computer paper, and it stands only 2″ tall. But this compact workhorse will send enough wattage to each of your front and rear speakers, and your subs.

After you upgrade to crisp Kenwood speakers, send them a strong signal to get the most out of them. Car amplifiers make the most of any sound system, and you’ll especially hear the difference when you already have good speakers. Kenwood’s amplifiers are powerful enough to enhance the rest of your setup while also being compact enough to fit into any car audio plan.

Kenwood Car Audio

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