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Brush Guards

Welcome to the world of Brush Guards—where style meets strength and protection. Explore our Brush Guards, a perfect blend of rugged aesthetics and unparalleled defense for your trucks and SUVs.

ford grille guard

Bumpers, Brush Guards, and Grille Guards for Your Truck.

Autohaus Automotive Solutions offers a range of brush guards that provide both rugged aesthetics and practical functionality. The brush guards are constructed from robust materials and advanced techniques to ensure durability and impact resistance.

Materials and Construction Techniques Used in Autohaus Automotive Solutions’ Brush Guards:

  • High-Quality Steel Tubing: The brush guards are made using various diameters of steel tubing. High-quality steel ensures strength and resilience, making the brush guards capable of withstanding impacts and protecting the vehicle’s front end.
  • Heavy-Duty Uprights: The steel tubing is securely bolted to heavy-duty uprights. These uprights provide additional strength and stability to the protective brush guards.
  • Robust Welding: The brush guards undergo meticulous welding to ensure strong and durable joints. Welding creates a seamless and sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and potential impacts.
  • Powder Coating: The brush guards are finished with a powder coating to enhance durability and aesthetics. Powder coating protects against corrosion, rust, and abrasion, ensuring the brush guards remain in top condition even in challenging environments.
  • Customization Options: Autohaus Automotive Solutions offers a wide selection of brands and styles of brush guards. This allows customers to choose the specific design, features, and construction techniques that meet their needs. 

How It Works

Autohaus Automotive Solutions offers a streamlined process for selecting, customizing, and installing brush guards tailored to various vehicle makes and models.

  1. Vehicle Assessment: Our experts assess the customer’s vehicle to determine compatibility and fit.
  2. Selection: Customers choose from various brush guard options, including different brands, styles, and designs.
  3. Customization: Customers can personalize their brush guard with various finishes, grille patterns, and accessories.
  4. Expert Installation: Skilled technicians install the brush guard securely, following manufacturer guidelines.
  5. Quality Assurance: A thorough check ensures proper fit and adherence to high-quality standards.
  6. Customer Support: Our team provides ongoing assistance, answering questions and addressing concerns.

At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, customers can expect a seamless experience, from initial selection to the final installation of a tailored brush guard for their vehicle.

Upgrade Your Vehicle's Protection​

Protect your vehicle’s front end with a custom brush guard from Autohaus Automotive Solutions. Contact us to schedule an installation appointment and safeguard your vehicle against potential damage and harsh terrains. Don’t wait. Ensure your safety today!

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