Thinkware Q1000: Unparalleled Innovation

Protect your car with our advanced DVR/Digital Video Recorder solutions for vehicles.

Capture Every Detail with Our DVR System​

Our DVR/Digital Video Recorder system utilizes Thinkware’s Q1000, which offers crystal-clear footage and enhanced visibility, even in low-light conditions. With ample storage options, you can record and store all your important moments on the road.

Front & Rear Cameras
ThinkWare DVR

Enhance your vehicle's security with Q1000​

Our DVR/Digital Video Recorder provides high-quality video recording and playback, ensuring you have a reliable record of any incidents on the road.

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Take full control of the Q1000’s Wi-Fi capability through a free smartphone app.

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Unmatched detail at night with Thinkware’s patented ultra-low light vision technology.

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Longer recording time with minimal storage requirements while your car is unattended.

How it Works: Step by Step Installation Guide


Effortlessly install the Q1000 for comprehensive surveillance. Capture high-resolution footage, day or night, with superior night vision.


Enjoy extended recording time with time-lapse parking surveillance, minimizing storage needs.


Retrieve and review footage easily, ensuring you never miss a detail.

Enhance Your Vehicle's Security​

Protect your vehicle with our advanced DVR system

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