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Why You Need to Sanitize Your Vehicle Regularly

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Many drivers like to keep their car clean on a regular basis. For most people, it is for aesthetic reasons, as they are embarrassed to be seen driving a dirty…
7 Reasons Rideshare Workers Need to Keep Their Cars Clean

7 Reasons Rideshare Workers Need to Keep Their Cars Clean

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If you are a rideshare worker, you understand that your job is more than just driving others to their destinations. Because you are self-employed, you need to do everything in…

5 Reasons People Love Apple CarPlay

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When shopping for a new vehicle, there are many things that buyers compare and consider. These days, between commuting to work, running errands, and chauffeuring kids around, people spend a…
How to use the Apple CarPlay infotainment system

How To Set Up Apple CarPlay in Your Vehicle

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With Apple CarPlay, you can mirror your iPhone on your car's infotainment screen. This revolutionary voice command system provides seamless access to streaming media, contacts and GPS information without taking…

Types of Tint to Keep Your Ride Cool

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No matter what type of cool you’re hoping to achieve with your car – stylish or climate controlled – there’s no better way to get there than with a good…
Happy woman enjoying car accessories she got for Christmas

7 Holiday Gifts Any Vehicle Owner Will Love

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There’s a lot of pressure in finding the right gift for your loved ones. If you’re struggling for holiday gift ideas, Autohaus Automotive Solutions can help. With a wide selection…

7 Reasons to Tint Your Windows

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Tinted windows have become more and more popular here in the Bay Area in recent years. For one thing, window tint makes cars look fantastic. Even beyond that, though, there…

The Best Ways to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

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Your car’s paint job is one of the first things people will notice about your vehicle. Even if the inside of your vehicle is loaded with the best automotive accessories…

Top 4 Cars with Blind-Spot Detection Systems

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From a quick trip to the grocery store to a cross-country drive, there are many hidden dangers on the road. Even the most attentive driver can be put in a…
Truck accessories

5 Must Have Custom Truck Accessories

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Much of the appeal in pickup trucks is their utility and versatility; at the worksite, on a road trip or just around town, a good pickup can be relied on…
Double-DIN car stereo and speakers being installed

How Much Does it Cost To Install a Car Stereo?

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Your vehicle’s engine may be what gets you from point A to point B, but it’s the car stereo that brings it to life. If you’re a music lover, you…

Can I Add Car Navigation to My Car?

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If you are looking for trending restaurants in your hometown or hitting the open road for a cross-country adventure, you need a reliable and convenient way to navigate. From flying…

How to Install Blind Spot Monitoring System

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What Is a Blind Spot? If you have experience driving, it is likely that you have narrowly avoided a catastrophe involving a blind spot or been part of a blind…
Best Truck Accessories in CA

Best Truck Accessories to Purchase

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Your truck can function in many different ways: towing, hauling, and transporting. If you use your truck for work, or just as a daily driver, you can find ways to…
Alpine vs Kenwood Car Audio Systems

Alpine vs Kenwood Car Audio Systems

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There are many brands in the car audio industry, but there are two that set themselves apart from the pack. Kenwood and Alpine car audio systems are two of the…

Can I Add Navigation to My Car or Does a Professional Have to Do It?

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While it used to be a luxury, car navigation systems are now commonplace and offer conveniences that can make a huge difference for your driving experience. In addition to providing…

What’s the best car music system with bluetooth and navigation?

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The busy modern driver can reap a lot of benefits from the conveniences from upgraded technology in their car. Saving energy and mental space by having Bluetooth connectivity and getting…

What’s the Average Cost of Putting a Navigation System in My Car?

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The days of unfolding faded maps from your glove compartment are long gone. Navigation technology can be found in most cars, whether it’s a smartphone app or an in-dash system.…

What Size Speakers Are In My Truck?

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Whether you’re on the road or hosting a tailgate, an impressive set of speakers are the crown jewel of any truck. Factory audio systems usually perform modestly at best and…

What Size Alternator Do I Need For Car Audio?

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If you’re wild about your wheels but none too impressed by the audio system, it may be time to make some changes. Whether your radio doesn’t have the features to…
Autohaus Kenwood Radio

What Size Radio Fits My Car

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Let’s face it. Standard radio programs today aren’t the best. You may listen to one or two programs, but that hardly gets you through the day. There are so many…

What Can Llumar Window Tint Do For My Vehicle?

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It’s no secret the sun’s rays can cause car interiors to become unbearably hot. But you can keep your cool. During the hot summer months, there seems to be no…

Audio Speaker Jargon

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Most of us humans just listen to music coming out of a speaker but audiophiles, sound geeks and car guys on the hand, use a lot of terms and jargons…

Is In-Car Multimedia Really Necessary?

| Multimedia Systems | No Comments
Why do we love cars? Or, if we put it in a more precise question, what exactly makes us love a car? Is that the exterior look? The interior? Sound?…

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