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Truck Bed Mats

Discover the ultimate in-truck bed protection with Autohaus Automotive Solutions’ range of premium truck bed mats. Engineered for durability and designed to shield your vehicle, our selection is the epitome of quality and performance.

BedRug Mats

BedRug Mats are designed specifically for trucks with an existing spray-in liner, drop-in bed liner, or no bed liner. Each of these three variations features a custom molded foam backing to provide a smooth work surface, using only hook and loop fasteners to install without needing to drill holes into your truck bed. Much like the BedRug liner, the BedRug mat is made to fit your specific make and model, filling in the ribs and contours of the truck bed to provide a smooth, void-free loading surface.

  • Rugged Construction Handles Heavy Cargo
  • Bleach, Oil Even Battery Acid Washes Off
  • Comfortable Knee Friendly ¾” Cushioned Floor
  • Anti-Skid Surface Prevents Cargo From Shifting Engineered for Exterior Use
  • Stain & UV
  • Resistant Easily Cleaned With Just Water
Truck Bed Mats

Explore the exclusive advantages of Autohaus's truck bed mats

From high-quality materials ensuring longevity to customizable fit for various truck models, weather-resistant features, and the potential to boost your vehicle’s resale value, our mats exceed expectations.

Versatile Compatibility

Suitable for trucks with spray-in liners, drop-in bed liners, or no bed liners.

Custom Molded Design

Features a custom molded foam backing for a perfect fit tailored to your truck’s make and model.

Smooth Work Surface

Fills in the ribs and contours of the truck bed, creating a smooth and void-free loading surface.

Easy Installation

Utilizes hook and loop fasteners for installation without drilling, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Durable Construction

Offers a cushioned surface that handles heavy cargo and provides scratch and dent protection.

Chemical and Weather Resistance

Washes off easily, resisting damage from bleach, oil, and battery acid and providing resistance to stains, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions.

Comfortable Knee-Friendly Floor

Features a ¾-inch cushioned floor, providing comfort and support for various tasks in the truck bed.

TrailFX Bed Mat​

Featuring a proprietary textured pebble surface, helps reduce shifting while raised ribs ease loading and unloading of cargo.

  • Custom molded for most truck applications
  • Universal applications and tailgate protectors are also available
  • Textured pebble surface helps reduce shifting, while raised ribs ease loading and unloading of cargo
  • Underside allows for drainage to keep truck bed dry, helping to prevent rust and mildew
  • Prevents cargo from shifting
  • Made of high-strength Nyracord®
  • 3/8 inch thick
  • Will not crack or break
Truck Bed Mats

Upgrade Your Truck with a Quality Bed Mat​

Protect your truck bed with our durable and stylish truck bed mats. Our mats are designed to withstand heavy use and protect your truck bed, preventing scratches and dents. Choose from various sizes and materials to find the perfect fit for your truck.

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