Enjoy one of the world’s most trusted brands for home security activation from the leisure of your vehicle. At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, we offer HomeLink wireless control system aftermarket options for your automotive. Find out how you can easily control your home’s safety systems with HomeLink.


With HomeLink, you have access to your garage door, security system, and outdoor lighting with three easy-to-use buttons. This system works with nearly every gate system and garage door, as well as other devices that utilize RF controls.

If you choose a garage door that is compatible with the latest HomeLink devices, you will be able to monitor whether your door is left open or closed.


All HomeLink systems are designed to be programmed for any RF device. If you need assistance programming your garage door opener and HomeLink system, do not hesitate to ask our technicians for assistance. Although these devices are easy to install by a professional technician, they still require experience with your vehicle’s electrical system.


Once you have selected the HomeLink device that fits your security needs, Autohaus Automotive will help you quickly install and program your HomeLink device. For more information, or to speak to a customer service agent who can answer any questions, call us at 510.881.1915 today. It’s time you took your security system to the next level.



Activate garage doors, gates, home lighting and more with the press of a HomeLink® button nicely integrated into the auto-dimming rearview mirror.


As your bay area automotive specialist, Autohaus Automotive Solutions uses only the best brands to offer the most convenient controls. Whether you link HomeLink with your security system, garage door opener, or privacy gate system, you will enjoy easy opening and customized options with the use of three buttons.

Homelink mirror

Both systems connect to your car’s electrical system, so you will not have to worry about dead batteries. Replacing batteries can become costly over the years, and battery-operated systems could run out of power when you need them the most. HomeLink devices will be available as long as your car has power.


There are two basic options to choose from, which in turn offer a variety of solutions for each. To get the most customized HomeLink device for your vehicle, choose the device that best fits your lifestyle:

  • HomeLink Visor: This subtle device offers three simple buttons for streamlined control. It operates just like your traditional garage door opener but can be programmed for three unique devices. It is incredibly fast and easy to install, so you will not have to wait while your vehicle is retrofitted with the latest technology.
  • HomeLink Built-in Mirror: For a more comprehensive approach, we offer auto-dimming rearview mirrors with HomeLink built-in. Not only will you control multiple devices, but you will also be able to monitor whether your participating garage door is open. Our technicians will be able to easily switch your stock mirror for this premium upgrade.

While there is an incredible range of RF devices that are compatible with your HomeLink Visor, ask a technician if you have any questions about your particular device.

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