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Truck Racks

Discover versatile Rack-It truck racks at Autohaus, blending style and functionality for all your cargo needs.

Rack-It Truck Racks

One-piece design provides Strength & Easy Installation:

We build our fully welded racks to exact specifications to guarantee a perfect fit on your truck. Precise automated bending of raw tubes along with mig welded joints makes for strength and clean lines. There are no joints or bolts, and one piece means durability.

Schedule 10 Steel Pipe Construction:

Our truck racks employ Schedule 10 steel construction on all of our racks because it is, without a doubt, the strongest and most durable material used in our industry. Steel pipe won’t easily dent or bend, making for the strongest possible carrying surface.

Full-Length Angle Iron Mounting:

All of our truck racks utilize a full-length bedrail which provides you with a continuous mounting service and unmatched top rail protection. The angle runs the length of the bed rails, ensuring a strong and sturdy connection to your truck while providing maximum strength for weight distribution on the heaviest loads.

Candy Cane Comfort:

Our unique “candy cane” design provides a nice contoured style to each rack, setting your rack apart from others that have sharp and jagged lines.

Weld-on Tie Downs:

Our rope hooks are a standard feature on each of our racks. Providing a dual purpose, these tie downs not only offer the function of a cleat, but the hook serves as a tremendous fastening point for tying knots.

Truck Racks

How It Works

One-Piece Design for Strength & Easy Installation:

  • Fully welded racks built to precise specifications ensure a perfect fit.
  • Automated bending of raw tubes and mig welded joints for strength and clean lines.
  • No joints or bolts, ensuring durability and easy installation.

Schedule 10 Steel Pipe Construction:

  • Utilizes Schedule 10 steel construction, the industry’s strongest and most durable material.
  • Steel pipe resists denting or bending, providing the strongest carrying surface.

Full Length Angle Iron Mounting:

  • Utilizes a full-length bed rail for continuous mounting service and top rail protection.
  • The angle runs the length of the bed rails, ensuring a strong connection and maximum strength for heavy loads.

Candy Cane Comfort:

  • The unique “candy cane” design adds a contoured style, setting Rack-It Truck Racks apart from others.
  • Provides both aesthetic appeal and comfort in design.

Weld-on Tie Downs:

  • Standard rope hooks on each rack offer dual functionality as cleats and fastening points for tying knots.
  • Enhances the versatility of the racks for securing various types of cargo.

Find the Perfect Truck Rack​

Get in touch with Autohaus Automotive Solutions to find the perfect truck rack for your needs or schedule an installation appointment.

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