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Back Up Sensors


In conditions with limited visibility, back up sensors can save the day. Investing in quality sensors will add an extra degree of safety for you and your family. Obstacles that are low to the ground and outside your scope of view pose a risk that is reduced by installing back up sensors to your vehicle

Attempting to park in tight spots can be intimidating when guessing the distance between your vehicles and others. Fortunately, sensors sound an audible warning as you approach in varying degrees, so you have a clearer picture of your surroundings. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of looking at blind spots instead of watching a dashboard camera.

Back up sensors are made in a variety of styles, features, and functions. Here is a sample of some upgrades that can be made for most vehicles.

The SunValleyTek XD-066 is a simple and efficient module that operates with an LED bar that communicates visually and audibly how close an object is to your vehicle. A bargain at under $15, with minor installation required. Included are four sensors and the compatible wires necessary to connect your monitor. Ideal for parking challenges, installing parking sensors will have you covered. A favorite for bargain buyers.

ePathChina Mini LED Display Reverse Parking System delivers detailed information on an LCD screen with a sleek design. The driver can view the distance to the nearest object within the range of the sensors. The dark blue background on the display is easy on the eyes and comprehensible. Triggered by switching into reverse, this device turns itself on and is ready to assist you as needed.

Zonetech Reverse Parking Sensors and Display gets customizable, offering a selection of four different alarm tones and three color options. This inexpensive and simple-to-install kit comes with four sensors for your vehicle. Color wheel changes to signal the distance to the nearest object.


Equipped with learning capabilities which will learn to ignore vehicle mounted objects (i.e. bike racks, mounted spare tires and/or hitch-mounted accessories).

Will detect obstacles over 6 feet away from the bumper

Audible warning.

3-Year warranty.

Three detection zones give the following warnings:
  • Slow beep within 6.5 – 3.5 feet, flashing GREEN LED indicator.
  • Medium beep within 3.5 – 1.3 feet, flashing YELLOW LED indicator.
  • Steady tone within 1.3 feet, flashing RED LED indicator ranges are approximate and will vary depending on installation, weather conditions, and object size and shape.


The front sensor system has a reduced range and uses active learning to detect only obstacles which are getting closer to the vehicle, eliminating false warnings.

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