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The demand for cargo cameras in trucks has increased and Brandmotion now has solutions that replace or surround a truck’s third brake light. These new cargo cameras give drivers a new perspective by providing them with a unique view of the cargo area of their trucks. This can be an excellent aid to drivers when connecting to fifth wheel hitches or when they need to keep an eye on the contents of the vehicle’s cargo box.


Car camera technology has come a long way these days. Dash cameras, backup cameras, cargo cameras, and even in-car cameras are becoming commonplace in many people’s vehicles. Having a camera installed in your vehicle can provide security, convenience, and can even be used as evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Many newer vehicles come from the factory equipped with a cargo camera. However, cameras can easily be added to an older vehicle or one that does not have that option new. A cargo camera allows the following benefits to a driver:

  • Allows the driver to see behind the vehicle at all times, including when in reverse.
  • Plays a crucial role when towing, as it acts as an extra set of eyes.
  • Makes it possible to line up a hitch to the trailer.
  • Allows the driver to keep an eye on the cargo in the bed.
  • Makes backing up into tight spaces much easier than merely relying on mirrors.

One of the easiest ways to add a backup camera to your vehicle is with a third brake light or cargo camera. The cargo camera comes in a variety of options to fit many different vehicles, some with included LED brake light. A cargo camera is a valuable tool for towing, as well as all passenger vehicles as it provides a much better view of what’s behind you than relying on what you can see in your mirrors.

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