Custom Truck Accessories

5 Must Have Custom Truck Accessories

Much of the appeal in pickup trucks is their utility and versatility; at the worksite, on a road trip or just around town, a good pickup can be relied on for just about anything in both functionality and style. You don’t need to stop at where the manufacturer left off, though—the right truck accessories can add even more to your pickup and make it truly yours.

Here are five that just about any truck owner could appreciate:

1. Bedliner

The truck bed is one of the biggest draws of pickups. Anyone who needs extra space for cargo can make good use of it—and who doesn’t need extra storage space? Heavier loads can scratch or ding the surface when put into the bed or if they slide during transport, though. A bedliner adds a skid-resistant layer that protects the bed’s metal surfaces and keeps objects from sliding. A spray-on liner is more resilient and doesn’t allow debris or moisture to collect underneath, though a removable liner makes any necessary repairs easier.

2. Tonneau Cover

Not only do you want to protect your truck bed from unnecessary damage, you want to protect the stuff it’s holding as well. The open bed makes hauling larger items much easier, but it also exposes cargo to the elements. Install a tonneau cover to close up the bed when you’re not carrying the big stuff and keep the rain out. Tonneau covers also improve your truck’s aerodynamics, saving as much as 10% on gas. Go for a hard folding cover made of aluminum; vinyl covers can potentially be cut or torn.

3. Mounted Lighting

It’s not uncommon to be out driving or working past sundown or during low-visibility weather. Going off-road or onto a construction site makes visibility especially important, but even if you’re just driving home at night, you need to be able to see where you’re going. There are plenty of options for mounting extra lights onto your truck to help you stay on track in any conditions. You can find spotlights, fog lights, LED light bars and more at any truck accessories retailer, as well as replacement headlights when you need them.

4. Side Steps

Many pickup trucks have a good amount of ground clearance to protect the suspension and body against obstacles, especially when off-roading. As a result, though, getting in and out of the cab or bed a little awkward. Fortunately, side steps make doing so that much easier and safer, especially for kids and the elderly or anyone else with a shorter stature. Along with full-length side steps, you can also go for nerf bars (aka tube steps) that provide small footholds, depending on the look you prefer. Consider against going for the chrome steps, though; they may look good at first, but side steps are in a prime spot to be exposed to dirt, grime and salt spray, all of which could ruin the coating.

5. Floor Mats

A lot can be said for a cozy cabin interior, but when you’re off-roading or hard at work, the conditions outside are anything but cozy and you don’t want to bring them back in with you and onto the floorboards.

There’s also other common woes for drivers such as coffee spills, pet stains or messes left by your kids’ snacks on a trip. All of these are managed with a set of durable floor mats. Carpet, vinyl, rubber and other materials are available to keep mud, snow and liquids off and many retailers have the means to match your truck’s year, make and model to the right fit.

Get the most out of your pickup, whether new or old, with the right additions. Autohaus Automotive Solutions has an extensive inventory for exterior and interior truck accessories both functional and stylish. Take a look online and contact us today to let our staff point you in the right direction.

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