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Types of Tint to Keep Your Ride Cool

No matter what type of cool you’re hoping to achieve with your car – stylish or climate controlled – there’s no better way to get there than with a good window tint. At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, we offer two types of tint jobs: ceramic tint and dyed window tint. Each has its benefits and strengths, and determining which is best for you is a matter of taste, price, and overall preferences.

Why You Should Tint Your Windows

While many cars come off the manufacturer’s line with some level of window tinting already in place, this window tint isn’t always effective at blocking heat and sunlight or at protecting privacy. By adding additional layers of tint to your windows, you can potentially reduce up to 99 percent of cancer-causing UV rays from entering your car. This is not only a health benefit for you, but it can also help slow your car’s decline in value, as there’s less sun-induced fading or cracking done to your car’s interior.

A tinted window can also help reduce heat, potentially by up to 70 percent. For those who drive in warmer climates, this can make the difference between unbearable temperatures and a comfortable interior. By reducing the amount of heat entering your car, you could also see savings at the gas pump, as you’ll find yourself blasting your A/C on a less frequent basis.

Privacy is another reason people prefer to go beyond the manufacturer’s window tint. If you’d like the interior of your car to be your sanctuary and prevent people from seeing inside of it, manufacturer tint will need to be beefed up with an additional layer of eye-blocking window tint. Using a metric called Visible Light Transference (VLT), some aftermarket window tints can reach as high as 90 percent of all light blocked, while some manufacturer tint will only block 20 percent.

The Benefits of Ceramic Tint

Ceramic window tint is the Cadillac of window tint. Stylish, modern, and effective, it provides exceptional value. You could potentially reduce the amount of solar heat entering your car by up to 50 percent. Because the ceramic film is metal-free, you won’t notice any interruptions in your electronics, like cell phones or GPS systems.

Our ceramic tint comes in the form of a nanoparticle layer that can reject up to 99 percent of UV rays, while also adding scratch resistance to your windows. This protective layer also helps make your windows practically shatter-proof, further improving your safety.

The Benefits of Dyed Tint

Both economical and fashionable, our dyed window tints block 99 percent of UV rays, reduces glare, and adds a layer of scratch resistance to your windows. Unlike other window tints that only apply to the dye to the surface, our dyed tint is a blend of UV blockers, polyethylene, and premium dye that forms a particle-thin sheet to which we then add another layer of UV blocker and adhesive.

This means our dyed tint is more durable and less likely to fade or discolor than other dyed window tints, while still maintaining a competitive price. If you’re looking at budget options, it’s hard to go wrong with our dyed window tints.

Keep Your Car Cool at Autohaus Automotive Solutions

At Autohaus Automotive Concepts, we care about keeping your car cool. Our window tinting services can maintain privacy within your car, help keep harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass and prevent the interior from becoming too hot.

Contact us at 510-881-1915 to speak to one of our professional and knowledgeable associates. We can help you determine which type of tint works best for you and your car. Call us today!

Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Parilov

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