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LLumar Paint Protection Film

There’s no greater thrill in life than when you pull out of the dealership with your shiny, brand new car. There’s also no greater disappointment than when you notice the first dent or scratch on your shiny, brand new car.

Besides building a mobile moat that surrounds your car every time you take it out of the garage, there are more practical ways to prevent these annoying and obnoxious dents and scratches.

LLumar paint protection film acts as an invisible armor, continually working to shield your car from road debris and potential damage. With installation help from Autohaus Automotive Solutions, you can help ensure your car keeps turning heads.


LLumar Paint Protection serves as a transparent film that protects the exterior of your car to keep it looking like you just picked it up from the dealership. You can apply the film to areas of your vehicle that are most likely to receive scratches, nicks, and other damage:
• Bumpers
• Door exteriors
• Hoods
• Side-view mirrors

The film is self-healing, meaning you’ll receive long-term protection. Because the film is practically invisible once applied, you’ll never even notice it’s there.

LLumar paint protection comes in two different models: the baseline model and its premium film. The premium film is part of Llumar’s Platinum series.


If you upgrade to LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film, also known as a clear bra, you’ll receive additional benefits beyond the baseline film:
• Cracking resistance
• Hydrogard technology with advanced water resistance
• Protection against road debris and small rocks
• Self-healing topcoat that automatically removes minor scratches or swirl marks
• Yellowing and stain resistance
• 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
• 33 percent thicker than the leading competitor’s protective film

To make sure the film fits your car like a glove, each component is designed and generated by computers, so it always meets the manufacturer’s specifications. If your car has added detailing or accessories, and the body varies from those specifications, you can also order the custom-fitted film, too.


At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, we know that owners can be protective of their cars. As the leading car service provider in Northern California, our experience and devotion to customer care make us your ideal choice to help you protect your vehicle.

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