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Power Windows & Locks

Power Window & Lock Installation

If you need replacement power windows or locks, let us help you at Autohaus Automotive Services. Our technicians are ready and willing to complete the work with a superior level of service and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. For power windows and locks, as well as other automotive accessories, contact us today to schedule your appointment!


Modern-day drivers have certain expectations about their vehicles. One of those features is power locks and windows. There was a time when the only option to roll down a window was a hand crank, and old-fashioned keys were used to unlock doors. Now, technology allows everyone to enjoy the convenience of gaining access to their cars with the touch of a button.

Whether your older vehicle lacks this function or the current power option is not as effective as it should be, Autohaus Automotive Solutions can improve the workability of your car’s windows and doors.

With any installation we do, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. To make sure we achieve this with our power windows and locks, we guarantee top quality in the following areas:

  • Versatility
  • Low volume
  • Fast response


At Autohaus Automotive Solutions, we acquire our parts from high-quality manufacturers and dealers that we can trust. This ensures that we are delivering the most appropriate power window and lock system to your particular vehicle. When installing any electric component, you need experienced workers who know how to source parts that are compatible with your car’s current mechanics. Our staff is knowledgeable in this area and will set you up with the most efficient door and window operation possible.

Every consideration is made to ensure that the new power switches in your car blend seamlessly with the existing style and appearance. Whether this is done with existing power systems or manual ones, once the job is complete, the additional buttons should look as though they have been there since the car left the factory.


Your car’s locks should respond immediately when you engage and disengage them. Not only is this important in an emergency, but it is a convenience you should be able to enjoy.

There may also be times when you need your window open in a hurry. The superior parts and methodical work of our technicians ensure smooth functionality that you can depend on. When you have operations that work fast, your finger can spend less time holding down the power window switch, and more time on the steering wheel where it belongs.


If you currently have power windows in your car, you may be dissatisfied with the unpleasant noise emitted each time you hold down the button. It may sound as though your windows are not working properly, or it might just be a terrible distraction.

The mechanisms we use allow for quiet operation, making the sound of the windows opening nearly undetectable. This makes for a more peaceful drive overall, and the reduction of excess noise gives you greater reassurance that everything is working properly within your vehicle.

Let Autohaus Automotive Solutions elevate your driving experience today!

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