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Enhanced Vehicle Security​

Upgrade your vehicle with our state-of-the-art security and keyless entry systems. Enjoy peace of mind and added convenience with advanced features that protect your car and make access easier than ever.

Top-Notch Security for Your Vehicle​

Our alarm systems provide top-notch security and peace of mind for vehicle owners. With advanced features and reliable performance, you can trust us to keep your vehicle safe.

Keyless Entry
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Enhance Vehicle Security with Keyless Entry Systems​

Our Security & Keyless Entry Systems provide the perfect combination of convenience and peace of mind. With advanced technology and seamless integration, you can easily access your vehicle while ensuring its safety.

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Seamless Integration with Vehicle

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Enhanced Vehicle Security and Protection

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Easy and Convenient Access to Your Vehicle

Choose an Elite Package that Suits You Best

Elite 1 Package

  • One-Way Security System
  • Operating Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Features:
    • Remote trunk release
    • Last door arming
    • Starter interrupt
    • Dual-stage shock sensor
    • Multiple-vehicle capable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Elite 2 Package

  • Two-Way LCD Command Confirming Security System
  • Operating Range: Up to 2,500 feet
  • Additional Features:
    • Telematics port – Carlink-ready
    • Dome light output
    • Auto lock/unlock
    • Built-in antenna for valet/push button LED
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Elite 3 Package

  • Two-Way LCD Command Confirming Remote Start / Keyless Entry and Security System
  • Operating Range: Up to 2,500 feet with SRT Technology
  • Additional Features:
    • DBI Port
    • Multi-tone mini siren
    • Illuminated entry control output
    • Countdown timer for parking meters
    • Multiple start mode options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Elite 4 Package

  • Factory Keyless Upgrade to Vehicle Security
  • Dual Stage Shock Sensor (Lite Touch ‐ Full Trigger)
  • Flashlogic-ready DBI port – pass capable
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

Elite 5 Package

  • Remote Start System with up to 1,500 Feet of Range
  • (2) One Button 1‐Way Transmitters
  • Glass Mount Antenna with Built‐in LED Light and Valet Switch
  • Web Based Programmable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Elite 6 Package

  • One-Way Keyless Entry System
  • Operating Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Features:
    • Built-in Parking Light Output
    • On-board Relays for Door Lock/Unlock
    • LED Status Indicator
    • 3-Year Limited Warranty


How do Alarm Systems enhance vehicle security?

Alarm Systems provide real-time alerts and robust anti-theft features, deterring potential threats and ensuring a protected vehicle.

No, our Security and keyless Entry Systems are designed with advanced encryption and security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Our technicians handle the installations, ensuring your Security and keyless Entry Systems integrate with your vehicle.

In most cases, keyless entry systems are adaptable to most vehicle makes and models. Consult with our experts for compatibility.

Installation times can vary but typically range from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the system’s complexity and your vehicle.

While some may attempt a DIY installation, it’s recommended to have a professional handle it to ensure proper functionality and avoid potential issues.

Yes, many keyless entry systems can be adapted to older vehicles, enhancing their convenience and security features.

Yes, keyless entry systems can often be integrated with existing security features for a comprehensive vehicle protection solution.

Enhance Your Vehicle's Security​

Contact us for expert installation of security and keyless entry systems.

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