What Size Radio Fits My Car

Let’s face it. Standard radio programs today aren’t the best. You may listen to one or two programs, but that hardly gets you through the day. There are so many possibilities that open up when you install a radio that grants access to your music, subscription radio services, navigation, and other features like auxiliary cords and wifi.

So you’ve decided to upgrade, great! Now you just need to figure out how to pick a radio that won’t burst through your dash. The different shapes and sizes can lead to a lot of confusion, but not to worry — here are some tips on how to buy the right size radio for your vehicle.

Find Your In-Dash Measurement

The cone is the back part of the radio which is integrated into your car, where the head unit is the business end of your radio, featuring the displays and controls. Deciding what size head unit to install is simple enough to do with a ruler. Here’s the easy part: all car radios are 7 inches wide, so you only need to take one measurement!

The height of the radio comes in a standard unit called the DIN, which is a universal increment of 2 inches. Some cars have a double DIN height of 4 inches, which is common in Japanese cars like Honda, Toyota, etc. Some non-standard varieties come in DIN and a half measurements, or 3 inches.

Determine If An Adapter Is Necessary

If you have a double DIN dash, you can opt for a double DIN radio or install an adapter to fit a single DIN or one and a half-DIN radio. On the other hand, a car with a single DIN unit can only house a single DIN radio unless the vehicle comes with a spacer or pocket on the dash.

Here’s where it can get tricky. In non-standard varieties, the dash is sometimes too shallow for the standard 7-ish inches of the cone, so an adapter piece and skilled installer may be necessary. Before installing a radio, it’s important to make sure you have 2 inches of clearance behind the cone for any wiring — otherwise, you may need a technician do some rerouting of hardware in your vehicle to create space.

Contact A Professional

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