What Size Alternator Do I Need For Car Audio?

If you’re wild about your wheels but none too impressed by the audio system, it may be time to make some changes. Whether your radio doesn’t have the features to entertain you or you’re tired of listening to the motor, with a few adjustments you can make any car sound like a dream.

Auxiliary connectivity, wifi, subscription radio, and streaming apps are just a few of the improvements that souping up your car audio can achieve. Before you purchase a new speaker system, you’ll need to know what size alternator you’re going to need.

Increase Your Power Reserve

If you’ve got your audio setup ready to go, but every time you crank it up to the max your car just can’t quite provide enough power, you may be able to correct this with a quick fix. Upgrading your capacitor will increase your power reservoir for when the bass kicks in and you need a short boost.

However, if your electrical system is underprepared for the level of output your audio system demands, you may risk overtaxing your alternator and not reach your audio potential.

Amp Up Your System

If you were to double the number of big appliances in your home and use them all at the same time, you’d need a lot more power to keep the lights on. The same is true with a more powerful audio system. Without a bigger alternator, your car’s other features may not get as much juice as they need to be effective. This is most noticeable when your headlights dim from blasting the stereo.

Factory alternators are designed with the factory audio system in mind — makes sense. When you want to enjoy a higher sound quality with more oomph, a higher output alternator will likely do the trick.

Calculate Your Power Requirements

More volume means more power. So when you’re buying a bigger alternator for your audio system, there’s going to be more demand for every amplifier, subwoofer, and power guzzler that pumps out some sweet sound.

It’s a good idea to consult a professional when measuring the total power you’re going to need for a high output alternator to fuel your car audio. Autohaus Automotive Solutions can help you determine just the right amount of power to make your audio system sing. Consult Autohaus for car radio installation in Hayward, CA and other services to get you on the road with an upgrade you’ll love.

Autohaus offers car stereo systems for any vehicle from excellent brands like Kenwood and Alpine that offer navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio and more. Get connected with a car radio in Hayward, CA that you’re passionate about today!

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