What Size Speakers Are In My Truck?

Whether you’re on the road or hosting a tailgate, an impressive set of speakers are the crown jewel of any truck. Factory audio systems usually perform modestly at best and are typically intended for playing public radio and CDs. Upgrading your speaker system gives you much more dynamic capabilities for higher quality audio and more volume.

Here are some guidelines for how to buy the right size car speakers to get the most out of an upgraded in-dash audio system.

Take Measurements

You can grab a handy measuring tool and take down the size of the current factory speakers in your vehicle. Take your measurement diagonally from one mounting screw to the one across from it. If there are multiple screws along the circumference, measure across the frame to include the entire diameter of your speaker, so you know exactly how wide the slot is.

When you remove the standard speakers, some cars will even have a recommended size marked on the slots so you can check that way. If all else fails, there are numerous websites that catalog the speaker specifications of most vehicles on the market!

Look Into Auto Accessories

If the speakers you want in your vehicle don’t quite fit the slots, there are plenty of speaker mounts and harnesses available to make sure you have a snug fit. You may need wiring harnesses to plug into the factory wiring in your car as well.

You can also consult your car manual to check whether your speaker system is expandable or not. When you’re planning what kind of sound you want, use the measurements you took as a guideline for your vehicle’s capabilities. Woofers and subwoofers will add earth-shaking bass to your sound, yet take up the most space. The larger the cone of your speaker, the more volume it can produce.

Factory speakers are typically in the lower range of cone sizes, so depending on your goals, you can decide what adjustments and expansions you want to make.

Contact An Expert Installer

To ensure you’re using the right equipment and everything is put together properly, the failsafe option is to consult a professional. Autohaus Automotive Solutions in Hayward, CA, provides customizations to all models and makes tailored to your needs. Their seamless car stereo installation offers the popular brands Kenwood and Alpine for modern features and to heighten the quality of your sound.

Contact Autohaus for an efficient and lasting speaker installation that will exceed your expectations. Look no further for the best selection of car stereo systems in Hayward, CA.

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